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Design Process

Phase 2 - Schematic/Preliminary Design

The Schematic Design phase is comprised of many start-up tasks required in a project. At this phase the following information is gathered:

The outcome of this phase would be a schematic design option for you to review, and preliminary 1/8” scale plan drawings. Some projects also benefit from the generation of a 3d computer model to explore and communicate design ideas. Please refer to your fee proposal.

A consultation is usually set up towards the end of Phase I to ensure the design direction is “on track” and give you an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed design. Once we have arrived at an acceptable design, you will be asked to “sign off” on the design, thereby marking the end of Phase I. The fee set forth for this phase of the process represents one design option. Should you wish to explore a different design option at this point, we could negotiate an adjustment to the fee structure. This relates only to a major change in direction, otherwise, minor adjustments to the proposed design are an inherent part of the design process

After Phase 1 you may feel that you would like input or comments from a builder to ensure the design is in keeping with your budget and schedule.

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