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Projects & Services

With the building site a blank slate, designing a new home offers the chance to fully realize the opportunities and address its challenges. We take great care from the outset to develop a plan that respects your wish list and responds to the site. As the sculpture already exists inside the block of stone, so to does the house within its site. Go to project photo gallery >

Whether adding more space for a growing family or rejuvenating a dated home, the key to a successful renovation is to achieve the desired finished product while balancing the cost of getting there. We strive to achieve that balance and propose design solutions that are sensitive to both. Go to project photo gallery >

Kerschbaumer Design has offered contract drafting services since 2000, working together with Architects to translate their design concepts into comprehensive construction documents. We collaborate with the design team, Engineers and Building Officials to ensure a smooth and efficient drawing process, with an emphasis on a thorough examination of relevant bylaws, building structure solutions and assembly detailing tailored to meet your needs. Go to project photo gallery >

The Existing Conditions Drawings service is an honest and accurate drawing and information package documenting an existing building. The package includes accurate and detailed floor plans, schematic sections, elevation drawings and a zoning and bylaw analysis to give a comprehensive view of the project, revealing its opportunities and constraints.

The building is measured and documented in the field then drafted in CAD back in the office (we currently use Vectorworks CAD). The finished package includes a printed copy of all drawings and a CD containing CAD files, digital photos of the project, related zoning and bylaw information, survey information (if provided by client) and Adobe PDF’s of all drawings.

Projects are charged on a per square foot basis and typically have a 3 week turnaround. It is also highly recommended to have a survey prepared by a BC Land Surveyor for accurate grade and building location information. Go to project photo gallery >